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Balancing And Restoration Of Your Immune System

So much is written on the good fats we need especially now that Banting is so big. I am not particularly Banting pro but I do however recognise the importance of good fats for overall good health. In this regard I am sharing some interesting facts on the Imsyser tablets. Balancing and restoration of your Immune System was never this easy.  This product designed years ago and well ahead of its time is truly unique in that is designed to support auto-immune conditions. Why? Well, over and above the fact that it supplies all the basic essentials that the body needs:

Tabs explained

11 Essential Vitamins; 11 Essential Minerals; 23 Essential Amino Acids and a source of natural omega 3,6 & 9 all in whole food form; this product has a natural ability to assist in a gentle cellular detox. This is really where  the ‘auto-immune’ part kicks in. Without this no balancing and restoration of Immunity can be achieved. This is the part where inflammatory responses are dealt with BEFORE damage may result and eventually ‘dis-ease’ set in.

But more on the subject matter. Sterols and Sterolines. A client once mentioned that these is no such thing as Sterolines but based on clinical studies and trials done on the African Potatoe many many years ago, there ARE Sterolines and they ARE well documented!!

These are the good fats that I want to talk about and less commonly known ones. The cholesterol part of PLANTS. Yes plants! They are the cholesterol busters and they are the ‘good guys’ that few mention and the ones ‘guilty’ of immune modulating.

We don’t negate any of the other amazing plants and ingredients in the tablets but felt it necessary to share this one aspect of good healthy living that is so sorely sought after. Good heart health. These fats  are bio-available, food based and therefore totally absorbed by the body unlike all the chemical alternatives being offered in the pharmaceutical industry.

A little detoxing

As opposed to other non-natural elements, this product recognises intruders such as toxic overload . In other words, it is  a natural detoxer.


They are also the good fats that assists in telling the body all is good, and enough has been eaten. The nutrition measuring ‘switch’ that allows for normal eating habits and most definitely assist in the prevention of Diabetes.

These are also the good fats that assists in managing our cholesterol, the natural cholesterol, we ARE supposed TO HAVE!!!

THESE ARE THE GOOD GUYS THAT ARE ANTI-INFLAMMATORY – the modern day trigger to most diseases, including cancers.

These are the good guys that have been clinically proven to assist in HIV management and TB management. Not to mention the obvious ‘dis-eases’ such as allergies, sinusitis and arthritis which Imsyser is known for. This information is not all on bio feedback as per our clients only, but this is clinically proven information on the plant done many many years ago.

Modern day medicine has it place but can NEVER improve on out plant species put there for health and healing since the beginning of time. It’s that simple, we should resort back to that which was and still is!!

Imsyser is 100 % Natural and has been known to assist with may ‘dis-ease’ conditions. Why?? Because of these good ‘guys’. Imsyser is an Immune support and let’s face it is ALL ABOUT IMMUNITY!!!

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