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10 Lifestyle Changes To Reduce Risk of Cancer


  1.  Go Organic. Go Green! Choose low fat. Cut out refined sugars. Cut out processed foods. Cut out preservatives and salts. This will prevent your body from having to fight all the toxins a poor diet offers and you will be surprised at how your natural energy levels increase.
  1. FIND IDEAL BODY WEIGHT. Weight issues directly relates to the rate of heart disease, diabetes, cancer etc. Maintaining (or obtaining) a healthy weight is crucial to your lifespan, your quality of life, and determines your risk of serious illness.
  1. HEALTH LIVING WATER. It is a known fact that most of us suffer serious dehydration at deep-routed cellular level. And since most of the body is made up of water & most of our basic functions require water, we really do need enough good living water. We have seen most weight loss relate to adequate amounts of water intake with a daily dose of probiotics & lemon juice added to it. It is, after all, about balance, pH and other.
  1. REDUCE STRESS. Studies link stress to chronic inflammation, chronic inflammation leads to dis-ease! The stress response causes a physiological reaction within your body and every part of you suffers for it. It is easier said than done but reducing stress well worth it. Take note of the negative energy/stress your thought processes provoke; this could well mean the difference between ‘life’ & ‘death’!
  1. EXERCISE DAILY. Even just walking, staying active is classified as exercise. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, there is no real ‘gut movement’ and lymph remains sluggish and this is a sure short cut to dis-ease. Most disease has its origin in the gut and so too your immune system. Maintain a healthy moving gut with a health moving body.
  1. NO SMOKING. Smoking raises your risk for every single known disease. It shortens your life by slowly damaging your healthy cells. We know more than enough on these risk factors.
  1. LIMIT ALCOHOL. Alcohol = sugar = increased inflammation levels in your body, robs your body of folate, raises hormone levels, and causes you to gain weight. A natural irritant, it can lead to damage in the mouth, throat, digestive system, and liver.
  1. SLEEP ENOUGH. Sleep deprivation is a chronic problem in our modern world. A lack of adequate sleep leads to reduction in memory and retention, weight gain, an increase in blood pressure, poor mood, and lowered Immunity. Remember we said you are only as healthy as your immune system is.
  1. SUNLIGHT NOT SUNTANNING! Skin cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed and the cause is overexposure to UV light. Sunlight gives you a natural potent form of vitamin D. All you need is a mere 20 minutes a day of relative protected sunlight . Take care to avoid the sun during the hottest part of the day, and wear protective clothing if you’ll be outside all day.
  1. LOOK AFTER YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Enough has been said on this; natural supplementation is crucial if your diet is sadly lacking. Visit for more on our immune supporting range.
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