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1 day to Level 4 “Lock-out” not Lock-down…

Where to from here…

Well the rules are quite specific – mostly the same, but let’s kick-start the economy without doing any damage.

What we don’t do and haven’t done however is remind all that specifically in South Africa we are gong into a new season and it’s almost winter – flu time – and once again all that is going to help is your very own Immunity.

What is even more scary is that most have allowed big pharma and doctors to negate this every year in and out and only now that all literal hell has broken out, with chemical medication not the life safer it was professed to be but your very own Immunity, we are floundering around once again trying to protect with masks and self-isolation and many other ‘killers’ like lock-down when all we really needed to adhere to was listening to and looking after your own body. In fact, it is the very medications that naturally destroy our own natural Immunity that has intervened in such a Pandemic  which killed thousands in a very first-world world. Crazy but true!

Where to from here?

Its is the same for all of us all over the world, Immunity is core now and going forward more than ever before. And having said this when we refer to Immunity it is the compound effect of all systems within our amazing body that makes this perfect Immunity happen for us starting from within the gut.

What does the Research have to say…

No 1. Immunity is Core Pandemic or not!

No 2. Gut heath is core to Your Immunity!

If we look at the amount of cancers and if nothing has changed colon cancers are between no2 & no 3 on the list. There are so many factors for this from toxic load from every imaginable source to emotional health issues and the list going forward with viruses, bacterial and parasite and all the other baddies should only get worse hereafter. The link between the ‘smaller creatures’ we referred to which by the way out-number our cells by 10:1 and modern day diseases is increasingly obvious in most studies in these regards, and yet, your average doctor prefers to ignore all of these and more importantly deal with toxic overload not only from lifestyle issues but also as per these miniscule ‘creatures’ – our micro-toxic load adding to the existing load.

Where do we start?

Let’s not call it a detox…  

These days this seems to be the unfit terminology but in reality when done correctly, naturally with the right intentions is ALWAYS the first place to start …and has been mentioned by all the best of the best in the health game over the past 5 months that this Pandemic hit us out of China.  

Many of the deadliest bacterial diseases that plague humanity in the modern age are caused by bacterial biofilms (groups of microorganisms that stick together and attach to a surface like the gut lining) that produce chronic infections. These dangerous biofilms attach to your gut lining and disrupt your gut’s ability to perform its crucial digestion, absorption,  elimination, and more importantly Immune-related functions.

What we don’t realize is that most of us have biofilm build-up from years of exposure to pathogens and lack of proper cleansing. It was never mentioned as a root cause to most of our modern-day diseases and more importantly when our modern-day diets kicked in with over-proceed foods and foods with less and less fibre as we become so called ‘first-world’.

So what’s the real problem….

Trying to “boost” your Immune System nutritionally can be a waste if you still have biofilm issues!

That’s the truth of it all…

So, no 1: cleanse regularly:

With correct ‘detoxing’ or ‘cleansing’ we can get rid of this hardened toxic mucous build-up and years’ worth of old waste be removed by doing a 7-day Gentle Deep Intestinal Cleanse. Depending upon your age and other factors this may take several weeks to several months of regular cleansing.

The Season is now – out with the old and especially lockdown old – making space for the new.

These results, are the ones you want to watch to see how layer upon layer of this toxic waste is removed and the health of your gut may be achieved in all its capacities. Gently so without changing normal excretory behaviour. In other words, you can still go about your normal daily activities and not be affected by this gentle cleanse at all.

Doing this cleanse with time can start reversing the damage done in the past and slowly start allowing the body to heal of its many adverse conditions. The Deep Intestinal Cleanse will involve taking quality fibre and herbs, as per the Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse, on a 2/daily basis, for 7 days with plenty of water to move and flush out the toxic waste.

The most amazing part of this ‘treatment’ is the fact that you can go to work as per the norm and follow your regular diet. No changes are needed although healthy new lifestyle choices should be considered to render healthier results for the future. When this mucous and waste starts coming out of you it is worth observing this waste in the toilet. It will often float and looks like ropy fat. It will also have the shape of the intestines because it’s been inside you for years. Rather awful to observe but rather OUTSIDE of you than on the INSIDE!!

This product is formulated to assist in softening and eliminating of this impacted intestinal mucous layer, assisting in stabilizing the Immune System, assisting in detoxing the intestines and assisting in balancing your metabolism, as effective cleansing is initiated. The various 100 % natural herbs assist in the dissolving of this toxic layer and neutralizing of the toxic release as this layer is broken down. Slippery Elm assists in the easy gentle movement out of the body.

And no 2, RECOLONIZE: addresses microbial balance in this biofilms which attach to your gut and cripples your  Immunity. By getting rid of these bad pathogens stuck to your gut, improving your healthy gut microbiome addressing candida overgrowth, a big cause of brain fog and low mood, you will ensure your very best Immunity for the whole family going forward through and past this Pandemic:

Imsyser’s Fermented Liquid Microbial Probiotic Product contains 12 strains of Nature’s most natural form of Pre- & Pro-biotics, and multiple classes of live bacteria, including Synbiotics and Postbiotics to ensure diverse interactive release of digestive enzymes as mimicked in the gut.

Imsyser’s Probiotic, unlike freeze-dried products in the market place are fermented at body temperature and contains the full range of natural enzymes, lactic acid and live bacteria necessary to restore health from within the mouth to the end of the colon for optimum digestive balance and full body health, ensuring its position as one of the best, totally unique Probiotics in the market-place.

Being liquid and raw you cannot get a Probiotic any closer to its Natural state.


Imsyser Parasite & Candida Cleanse Drops to your seasonal rescue. Parasites can cause great damage to the human body, weakening our Immune System thereby causing disease.

Therefore, even though it is quite normal for parasites to cycle through our bodies, it is very important to eliminate them on a regular basis… They are probably the most diverse of all biological forms and yet remain hostile to humans. Parasites are all around us: in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Every single living organism can be infected by these super-bugs.


This amazing product is developed with Nano technology to create clusters of silver deposits in an existing ‘colloidal’ silver state(distilled water) with incredible results – a product 1000 times more potent than you average normal Colloidal Silver. Quantum Science explains the exponential silver deposits 1000 times. A modern-day product superior in assisting in various infection, viral and otherwise such as Ebola and one of the best HIV support health products especially when taken with the Imsyser Immune Support Tablets. (

Vulcan Silver is a registered complementary medicine with the Medicines control council, it has it’s NAPPI code and is on the national registry for medicinal products. It is manufactured in the UK according to GMP (good manufacturing practice) and meets or exceeds all the requirements as set out by the relevant authorities, packaged and re-distributed right here in South Africa from the Imsyser Health Head Office.

We have amazing bulk product specials incorporating many of the crucial Immune needs, detox needs, now or just these various products needed to ensure your very best optimised Immunity through these various methods mentioned.

Simply call 086 010 3859 here in SA or simply click here:

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