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Understanding Weight Loss

Autumn is almost here! Winter is right around the corner!

And as the weather starts cools down and intuitively the body starts holding onto weight as it was designed to do since Creation itself. Call it, self-defence!! Sad as it is our natural bio-rhythms are genetically coded to do this.

As I do many start thinking about shedding a few kilos before the winter slug hits us but we all know how tough weight loss can be. And with modern day toxicity is even more so; even for the children and usually metabolic-driven male species, strangely also an everyday growing problem!

Maybe you’re exercising, counting calories, or even doing keto but the scale doesn’t budge? And or the same weight seems to come back after your initial attempt. Once again, I would go as far as saying – look at toxic overload.

Let’s look at underlying toxicity

For the smallest of hidden issues; crucially important usually hidden in many forms throughout the body and one of the bigger causes to Cancers….heavy metal detox. My opinion this is going to be a simple and inexpensive journey but make it last at least 3-6 months for best results be it using activated charcoal, bentonite clay and or natural zeolite. They’re all good as long as source is excellent!!

Then start at the Beginning….Parasites!

Small as they are, they have been linked to causal to a large extent to most Cancers and believe it or not weight issues!! It’s simple there is a competition for food and in this case once again the body either goes into starvation mode and ‘holds on’ or simply compromises our gut functioning in all its capacities and weight does not budge! Any disease or health condition that persists go to this route cause for results.

Few doctors will however tell you this!!

Not too much to ask a mere 2 weeks sorts these out 2-3 times a year!! And it’s not about deworming!!!

And now Your Gut!!

This is the beginning and the end to all health and not just weight issues. If your gut is compromised – dirty – it can’t work – simply, no effective digestion!! no effective digestion once again starvation mode theory I mentioned!

No effective waste removal! In this case you become your own toxic dumping place from where you will merely reabsorb toxins with time if the emptying process is delayed. You stay bloated, big and uncomfortable around the midriff and of course have no energy therefore no motivation to exercise and so the horrid circle of events starts and ends in misery. Up to 7kg’s might be shed when a 7 day deep intestinal cleanse is done with intention:

Your Gut needs Support to do this job!  

Not only is it about improving the gut functions as mentioned but also about other crucial functions like good bacteria playing a crucial role in producing all the necessary vitamins that give us energy and life. The good bacteria are not only out numbering all our cells 1:10 but are crucial for functions in the gut and throughout the rest of the body, playing essential roles in mental health another crucially important function for healthy thoughts around weight management.

These good bacteria have come to the forefront in health management in a big way in the last 10 years and even more so in the journey of weight-loss management. If you have hit a wall with your weight loss, no further….

And then the good old-fashioned simple products do not suffice any more. you need a comprehensive pre & probiotic that not only is fermented to do the proper work needed but also assist in good enzyme behaviour. It is not only about the weight-loss but also the maintenance and lager picture as the intention should be to keep the optimal health balance for prolonged weight loss as a matter of health living for longest results – it’s all about longevity!! Imsyser knows best how to do this:

There is so much more when the result is being attained as part of a bigger picture. Taking care of all your nutritional needs. And at cellular level ensuring the toxicity is kept under control daily. Once again this is where Imsyser Health products is tops and years ahead of its competitors. If your wholefood supplement is not doing all of this, look no further:

At Imsyser we care. We started this business more than 10 years understanding this crisis way ahead of its time. Call us 086 010 3859

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