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The True Value of A Good Probiotic

Keystone Pointers in Understanding Microbes for Gut and Immune Health as shared by Imsyser Health:

  • Different types of bacteria predominate in different regions of the gut. Bifidobacteria are highly prevalent in the colon – where the vast majority of fermentation takes place. Lactobacilli species tend to predominate in the small intestine. And more recently discovered

S. Thermophilus as is present in the Imsyser 12 strain probiotic, that specialises in inflammatory        responses and has been identified as crucial to the huge value attached to inter-actional relationships between the various species – almost like acing as a connector between all.

  • When diversity is lost, individual species that otherwise would be helpful or harmless – can become opportunistic creating dysbiosis, overgrowth, or infection.
  • Also, Individuals have different compositions of bacteria strains – in fact this recipe is rather unique for each individual.
  • A healthier gut is associated with high diversity; unhealthy guts are associated with less diversity.
  • Make sure you choose your best diverse supply to optimize your individual needs DAILY.

Loss of Immune Balance.

When gut microbiota help break down food in the colon – by-products are released that offer health benefits to the body. Dysbiosis not only leads to physical discomfort and a disruption of daily activities, it also reduces fuel for Immune cells, cells lining the gut, and the availability of nutrients the body uses. In reality, you then fall into the category of Immune compromised, the most important facet to all health.  

Direct and indirect bacterial communication from gut flora modulates virtually everything in the body. So, the saying goes that all health starts in the gut. No guessing where you need to start when trying optimise your OWN IMMUNITY!

Gut bacteria not only provide fuel for Immune activity, they also actively almost modulate Immune cells like macrophages and dendritic cells and make sure they react appropriately against pathogens as well as our own proteins and tissues. It is literally you whole internal communication orchestrated from a level we never realised even existed.

Your Gut, Auto-Immunity and Leaky Gut

Bifidobacteria are among the first probiotics to be introduced in a gut restoration protocol. But its not the only one!! Bifidobacteria ultimately make up to as much as 25% of the colonic flora composition in adults

Autoimmune disease cannot be triggered without the presence of intestinal hyper-permeability or “leaky gut”. Leaky gut is triggered by physical irritants, inflammatory food, pathogenic microbes, and generally anything that disrupts mucosal health.

The gut microbiota work with the mucosa with dual benefits to one another. Bacteria levels will promote a healthy mucosa – in return a healthy mucosa feed, protects, and maintains healthy bacteria. This co-dependence used to take naturally in a healthier eco-system that maintained such from a healthy diet. Alas, no more…we need to supplement!

The role of Bifidobacteria.

Bifidobacterium strains are some of the most prevalent bacteria in the intestines thus this balance is crucial for continued good health. These microbes are more Immune-stimulating but also produce excess by-products that might affect our metabolism.

Benefits of B. lactis in Infancy

During infancy, the colonization of keystone probiotics is established through birth, breastfeeding, and introduction to the local food and environment. Bifidobacteria dominate the composition of colonic flora in infants – comprising 80% of the present bacteria.

Later in development, the flora and immune system mature to protect the individual from outside pathogens, and also to adapt to a person’s unique diet and environment (protect from local pollen, mould, bacteria, parasites, etc). Because Bifidobacteria are so prevalent, a reduction of Bifidobacteria levels sets the stage for immune imbalance, poor metabolism, nutrient loss, and opportunistic growth of other microbes.

When Bifidobacterium lactis is added to infant formula, it significantly reduces the incidence of gastrointestinal infections & did not raise safety concerns or adversely affect infant growth. When combined with another probiotic, it also reduced the frequency of colic and irritability, confirming that a slightly more diverse formulation is needed to treat the compromised infant gut.  

The value of B. animalis

Symptom scores of bloating and distention showed marked improvement with B. animalis supplementation. Diarrhoea is a symptom of many gastrointestinal problems, with infection being an important subset of the cause.

While infection may need to be managed medically, B. lactis supplementation by itself or in combination with other probiotics may help reduce the duration of diarrhoea in a dose-dependent manner (the higher the dose, the greater degree of improvement).

It is worth mentioning that S. boulardii and Lactobacillus rhamnosus have an excellent track record for reducing incidence and duration of acute, watery diarrhoea; all found in the Imsyser 12 strain formula.

Bifidobacterium lactis produces an enzyme that helps breakdown oxalates and may help reduce oxalates in sensitive individuals and the various enzyme releases in the multi-strain combination Imsyser probiotic is but one of the advantages of taking this very unique product.


Prebiotic fibres (food for the probiotics) are important for sustaining colonization of diverse groups of bacteria. When prebiotics and probiotics are taken together – it is called a “synbiotic” strategy – named for the synergistic benefit of taking both. And it’s in this very symbiotic strategy that enzymatic release is enhanced improving the old school type probiotics, making it a superior choice by far in the modern -day society of compromised gut health.   

Together prebiotics, probiotics, and mucosal support work in dual-directions – supporting the health of one supports the health of all especially the youngest and oldest that are more at risk of Immune imbalances and infections.

Probiotic strategies can be a pro-active way to support age-related changes in immune and digestive function. For more please feel free to call Imsyser HO +27 (0)86 010 3859

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