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The Geva Series is a SUPERFOOD!

Superfood has become a nutritional must in modern day living,  Unfortunately most families do not take in enough greens and plantfoods, to get the full nutritional support they need for optimal immune health.  Even if they did, with polution as it stands and the nutritional depletion (and parasitic depletion) at soil level, this has created a chain of depletion in all aspects.  Greenfood/Superfood may be used as a food or a supplement, or simply taken as part of a nice “Green” smoothie, to ensure optimal living, optimal nutrition, optimal healing.

This Greenfood may be best described as the one-stop Advanced Nutritional Food Formula for the whole family and for people of all ages. The Geva Series contains the most powerful combination of nutrients ever discovered in any whole food source, with all the different vitamins in a perfectly balanced combination, having all eight of the essential amino acids, 10 of the 12 non-essential amino acids, chlorophyll, enzymes, antioxidants/ Omega 3, Omega 6, Phytonutrients, minerals and trace elements.

The Geva Series comprises of two ranges Healthy Lifestyle and for Immune Compromised Individuals The Geva Series is based on clinical studies conducted worldwide on the administration of micro algae and is formulated accordingly. The United Nations in 1974 noted that “Micro algae is the most ideal food for mankind” Formulation of the Geva Series Geva Series is sorghum based Advanced Nutritional Food Formula fortified with human grade micro algae harvested from the Geva facility. Ingredients Sorghum, Micro Algae, Sugar, Natural Colourant & Flavouring The Geva Series is a natural product and contains no GM ingredients.

Preparation The Geva Series requires no cooking. It is an instant food and is tasty. Simply follow the daily recommended servings, using the scoop that is included in each pack, adding either milk, any juice of your choice or clean water.

Health benefits • Positive effect on immune compromised people • Balances the body’s metabolism • Builds healthy lactobacillus • Cholesterol reduction • Increases vitality and stamina • Iron bio-availability and correction of anaemia • Liver detoxification • Malnutrition recovery • Modulates the immune system • Natural beta carotene; anti-cancer properties • Positive effects for hypertension • Reduces effects of radiation treatment • Reduces kidney toxicity from mercury and drugs • Wound healing properties 1. Let your food be your medicine 2. Protect your immune system 3. Increase your energy levels 4. Easy to prepare 5. Just add, milk, any juice or clean water, scoop is included 6. Instant – Precooked and very tasty


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