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It’s All In Your Intestines. It’s All In The Gut!!

It’s all in your Intestines. It’s all in the Gut!!

When waste gets to your colon, it’s too late. When you have weak digestion and or excretion, it takes about 60 hours for food to travel through your digestive system and to pass out of your colon.

How long faeces sits in your colon depends on how well your stomach, intestines and liver have done their jobs. The less well they’re working, the harder it is for your muscles to push this rotting waste and these toxins through your colon and out of your rectum.

Without enough bile, your food travels through your stomach and intestines almost completely UNDIGESTED. And this is true especially when it comes to meats and fats. So liver functions are extremely important. A regular detox of the liver is advised to support optimal healthy functioning.

With modern day toxicity it is advised that regularly you do a deep intestinal cleanse to completely rid the gut of old impacted waste lining the digestive tract rendering the gut not just ineffective in waste management but also ineffective in optimal absorption. So not only are you missing out on the vital nutrients you need from your food, but once this fecal mess gets into your colon and stays there too long, it becomes toxic and may leak out into your bloodstream and cells, causing you serious health problems. Toxins leak out… poisoning cells, blood and organs. Doctors don’t tell you that TOXINS and rotting FAECAL MATTER can leak out of your colon walls and seep into your bloodstream. When this toxic mess enters your bloodstream, it can poison your cells, tissues, blood and organs.

Improperly digested food slowly ROTS as it moves through your body. It turns into PUTREFYING CLUMPS of waste, similar to rotting ground beef that’s been left unrefrigerated for 2 days. This putrefaction triggers gas, diarrhoea and other foul reactions. These clumps can actually WEDGE themselves into the folds and crevices of your colon walls, making you constipated and crampy.

Imsyser Deep intestinal 7-day Cleanse to the rescue!

Your gut can also be the perfect FEEDING and BREEDING GROUND for parasites, bad bacteria and disease micro-organisms that can ruin your health. It is not merely enough to get rid of the toxic waste but you have to support optimal gut functioning with a daily probiotic and digestive enzymes.

Imsyser 12 Strain Liquid Pre & Probiotic (with Digestive Enzymes) to the rescue!!

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